Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Finish Line : )

Well, I've reached the end of this semester and the end of my MLS degree. This comes with great relief and great sadness. Relief because I will no longer have homework until I decide what my future will entail. Sadness because I relish opportunities to discuss my passion for learning about how people learn. My current line of thinking is that I will take a little time after graduation to decide where to go next.

The last activity of this course was to update my resume.

I also updated my electronic portfolio at:

I originally thought that I could probably submit the resume I had previously developed and be done with it. I was wrong. I had not updated my resume in such a long time I had great difficulties remembering the new activities that needed to be added. I had to scour the Internet to relocate info about conferences I attended. I also neglected to update my recent publication and decided to link out to the journal websites and the UB Library links.

I had a number of broken links on my website due to sheer neglect quite some time. I also took the opportunity to update personal sections of my site that have long been neglected. Usually, the only time I update my resume is because of a shake up or dissatisfaction at work. It's good to be prompted to keep up on this important task.

So, I've made it to the end of my degree. Somehow, I still don't feel very librarian like. Ask me again in a few weeks. I just ordered a new pair of bifocals. No, they're not the horn-rimmed variety, but they will at least make me look more like a librarian.

Thank You - for listening.  :  )

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Running in place

I just noticed that this will be my second last entry to this blog for the class requirements. This is a welcome realization. As much as I'm dreading the end of this semester, and therefore also the end of my MLS degree, the next few weeks seem so far away and way too soon. I feel as I'm crawling toward the finish line and at the same time I'm running very fast, but I'm running in place.

As I try to imagine a life as a non-student I realize how difficult it is to keep up the pace of a student. It is for this reason that I will keep this second-last post short. This last class of my MLS program has been very rewarding. I have had numerous opportunities to learn along with a great group of individuals who have similar interests to my own and who are asking questions and undergoing self-discovery about a number of topics that I'm also interested in.  I would like to find opportunities to continue this form of lifelong learning.